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What should you look for in a resume writing service?

Christopher Mariani, April 16 2019

Very few resume websites list the credentials of their staff. If they have impressive credentials, why aren't they listed? If you go to our website at, our credentials are listed in red, top left. You should also click onto "resume checklist"

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How can you find your dream job?

Christopher Mariani, April 10 2019

Follow our guidelines and your chances improve dramatically. 1) Make certain that your resume is powerful, where every bullet point demonstrates value. 2) Insure that your resume is key worded to score high on ATS tracking systems. 3) Your cover letter should not be a repeat of your resume. It needs to be a sales pitch that communicates why you're...

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What are the biggest interview blunders:

Christopher Mariani, April 2 2019

Employers are looking to hire people who are results driven. Therefore, they focus a lot on accomplishments. Some people falsify or embellish accomplishments on their resume. Skilled interviewers know how to confirm if these accomplishments are real. For example: if you claim that you increased sales by 10%, an interviewer may ask questions like...

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Is it bad to stay with one employer for a long time?

Christopher Mariani, March 26 2019

It depends on a lot of factors. If you are in a challenging and demanding fortune 500 environment, it should not hurt you. If you are promoted fairly frequently, it's also a justification for a long term tenure. If you have been subject to frequent change, like increasing levels of responsibilities, assignments to different business units and div...

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Always avoid job specialization.

Christopher Mariani, March 19 2019

In most positions one of the biggest career mistakes is working in an occupation and/or industry that is so specialized that your skill sets are rarely, if ever, transferable. The reason this is so important, is because job security no longer exists. Being overspecialized was fine in an era with lifetime job security. However, professionals are l...

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How do I pick the right career?

Christopher Mariani, March 5 2019

There are so many factors to consider when choosing a career. 1) Will it be a growth area or a profession and/or industry in decline? 2) Is it something I will enjoy doing every day? 3) Does the compensation match my life style choice? 4) Does the career allow creativity and innovation?

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Determining an employers work culture...

Alfred Mariani, February 26 2019

The answer to several questions will tell you a lot about a corporate culture. 1) What is the company's employee turnover rate ? 2) What is the average tenure for their employees? 3) What percentage of the promotions are from within? 4) What is the demographic mix of their management and executive team?

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How does the Amazon decision impact the NY economy?

Alfred Mariani, February 19 2019

The loss of 25,000 jobs has a negative trickle down affect. First, 25K jobs times an average of $50k per job is $12,500,000 K is income that would have been taxable by NY State and NY city, money needed by both governments. Second, 25k people would have contributed to consumer spending in many ways including tolls, subway fees, shopping at local...

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The future of Corporate Downsizing

The future of Corporate Downsizing...

Alfred Mariani, February 12 2019

Now that the US economy is on the rebound, will it mean an end to corporate downsizing? The short answer is yes and no. Companies will combine adding jobs with eliminating jobs. This sounds like a contradiction, but it really isn't. Companies have learned from prior economic growth periods that if you over build your workforce, you will pay the p...

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Why do some resumes work better than others?

Alfred Mariani, February 5 2019

Remember back in High school English Literature when you had to read a ton of 10-20 page short stories. The most interesting stories were great readings, the others were painful. The really interesting stories grabbed your attention from the start and held it until the end. Other short stories were painful to read starting on page one. A resume i...

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